South Dining Hall

South Side Café The Newly Renovated South Dining Hall is now one location!

After using the main entrance on the first floor, guests can move freely through South Dining Hall taking advantage of everything we have to offer!

Sunnysides-- Self-serve pantry, featuring a breakfast nook with cereal, waffle & yogurt bar, fresh bagels, as well as salads and sandwiches

Avalanche's-- KU's go to grill for breakfast sandwiches in the morning, and specialty sandwiches & sides like cheesesteaks and onion rings for lunch and dinner

Kafe—Seattle’s Best Drip Coffee with specialty espresso beverages, desserts and pastries

Hearth-Deliciously toasted subs, staple and specialty pizzas, Strombolis, and so much more
The upper floor of South Dining Hall has Made-to-Order options available during lunch and dinner at stations such as Char, Noodle, and ‘Wich, covering grilled sandwiches, pasta entrees, and fresh deli sandwiches. Sear features grilled made-to-order entrees, and Sushi offers rotating fresh sushi rolls. Origins is home to rotating selections of international cuisine, while Chop offers meat, vegetarian, potato, and vegetable selections daily. Greens allows you to customize your salad with tons of delicious toppings from chickpeas, to jalapenos, to hardboiled egg!
South Dining Hall features a bagged meal program for students who have difficulty using their meal plan for academic reasons such as student teaching. To read the full policy, please click here

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Hours of Operation

First Floor 24/7
Second Floor Monday to Friday - 11 am-8 pm
Saturday & Sunday - 11am to 8pm

Door Rates:
Breakfast: $6.65
Lunch $7.95
Dinner $9.20

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South Dining Hall

Phone: (610) 683-4967

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Phone: (610) 683-4967

Bagged Meal Program

Kutztown University Dining Services offers a Bagged Meal Program designed to assist students, with meal plans, that are impacted by schedules that do not allow them to have a meal in the South Dining Hall and/or the Cub Café. The Bagged Meal Program is available Monday - Friday when classes are in session.

Students (Student teachers, art students, internships, class field trip), with meal plan, needing to participate in this program must complete the Bagged Meal Program Form.
The form submit it in person at the South Dining Hall Cashier Stand or via e-mail to the following e-mail: by 4pm two days prior to needing the meal.

Bagged lunches may pick up in South Dining Hall, first floor, at the coffee shop serving area between 7:00 AM and 11:00 AM.

Bagged dinners may pick up in South Dining Hall, first floor, at the coffee shop serving area between 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM. If a student has difficulty with either of the two pick up times they should note in on their order form. However, lunches may not be available before 7:00 AM.

As an alternative to the Bagged Meal Program, Kutztown University Dining Services will increase our levels of Grab and Go Items in the Book and Brew for greater variety and selection for self-pick up. If you have questions please contact either Dining Services in 106 Old Main, 610-683-1314 or Aramark at 610-683-4921.